(Nice Things People Have Said About Us)


“Magical, Broadway-level art without the Broadway-level budget!”

“I love the projections because they’re beautiful, easy to use and I can’t afford the time or money to have backdrops painted. The designs are captivating and bring the story to life.”

“The most beautiful show I have ever done, we had people saying that our show looked better than some Broadway shows they had seen! This is the future!”

“Mitch was great to work with and the end result was fantastic. I am excited to see how far this blending of painted and projected backdrops could be taken on another project.”

“Theatre Avenue’s concepts are uniquely whimsical without being childish and professional without being formulaic, which enables them to work well for community youth productions as well as adult and professional productions.”

“Why isn’t every single theater I know using these? They are beautiful, they are specific, they are works of art. This is the future of scenic work for theatre.”

“The projections Theatre Ave created were animated and nothing short of amazing! Audible whispers of just how awesome the projections are were heard at every production.”

“I am thankful for the excellent scene that Mitch created for us, and even more grateful that he crafted our moving projection with an intentional and thoughtful care for the final result. Our students had a wonderful experience! Thank you for collaborating to bring our show’s environments to life onstage, and for providing guidance and strategies for using projections in our space!”