My Favorite Drone Videos

Over the past year, I have found myself watching a ton of drone videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Here’s a few of my favorites.
This video absolutely blew me away. I’m not sure I would ever do this, but flying a drone in the middle of a fireworks display produced some incredible results.

Another perspective you would never get unless you were sitting in an actual helicopter. This video of a volcano erupting has over 1-million views on YouTube.

I love surfing videos and I love drones. This was a slam dunk.

Pipeline Winter 2013 from Eric Sterman on Vimeo.

Los Angeles landmarks at night provide a spectacular backdrop for this video.

Bird’s-eye view of whales in the ocean. There’s a number of videos that feature drones following whales, but this is my personal favorite.

Drone Whale Watching Hawaii from Eric Sterman on Vimeo.