A Graphic Designer’s Best Friend

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As a graphic designer, it’s always handy to have a “toolbox” of resources. Whether it’s a folder with a good variety of textures, color palettes, or reference for design inspiration – it’s nice to have some tools all in one place.

There is a site that is just that—a designer’s toolbox—and better yet, it’s free.


Here are some of the helpful things this site offers:

  • Envelope Sizes
  • DVD and CD Labels
  • Postcard Templates
  • Paper Sizes
  • Business Card Sizes
  • Binding Styles
  • Web Browser Elements
  • Web Banners
  • Conversion Chart
  • Proof Reading Marks
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • HTML Characters
  • iPhone GUI Elements

Since time is an important thing for client projects, a one-stop-shop for these resources is a useful tool to add to the collection.