Portable Green Screen

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Chroma-keying is an effective visual effects technique that provides great flexibility to video producers. Closely associated with the weather segment on local news stations, chroma-key compositing gives producers the opportunity to shoot their subjects against a colored background – ordinarily green or blue – then replace the “color” with an image or animation. Using the local news example, weather forecasters are shot against a green screen while presenting their report. People visiting in the studio see the green screen, but viewers at home see a series of maps prepared beforehand by the meteorologist.

I have no intention of boring you with the details of how all of that works. The point of this blog is to introduce Freedom House Productions portable green screen. It is quick to set up and can be utilized in the smallest of spaces. Rather than being confined to shooting interviews against a boring white wall, we can easily set up the green screen and replace the background with anything we want. Corporate clients have appreciated the ability to include their logo behind a spokesperson, while animating critical bullet points to highlight their services.

Green screen technology gives us the freedom to be as creative and out-of-the-box as we want. If you are interested in learning more about our video services or how you might be able to implement green screen technology into your marketing, contact us today.