One done, many more to come

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We just wrapped up our first high-definition video project and I have to say it was a huge success. We produced a seven minute video for an organization called Total Community Options (TOC).

Initially, I was a little nervous about workflow. I had never worked in a tapeless system, but I have to say I will never go back. Ingesting the video into the system was simple. Obviously, importing high-definition video files can stress any computer from a storage standpoint, but the Sony XDCam format is streamlined keeping files manageable in size so hard drive space was never an issue. Integration with Final Cut Pro was seamless. Overall, it could not of gone better.

And the quality – incredible! Even when I had to bump it down to standard definition in order to create DVD’s I was still impressed with the quality of the video. We’re so happy with how the video turned out.

If you’re interested in seeing it first hand, visit our video gallery. Just click on the thumbnail that looks like the image below (that’s the only high-definition video in our portfolio right now).