Developing a Brand

Blog Entry 3.7 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

We recently had the fun of getting to know Josh Bragg in order to develop a brand for this up and coming bass pro. It was important to Josh that we capture the essence of his personality and to communicate that throughout his brand and materials.

After spending some time with Josh on the lake, meeting his wife and kids and getting down to the core of who he is, we were able to develop a brand that perfectly represents him and helps him stand out from the competition. From his logo that incorporates a fishing hook into his signature, to the incredible photography that captures his charming personality, to the warm colors and rich textures, this brand just feels warm, at home, down to earth, vibrant and full of life. Josh even picked out a song to complete his feel: “Fisherman” by Casey Ashley.

Creating his corporate identification package was a blast! His stationary, business cards, postcards and website are the foundation of a strong brand, and hopefully just the beginning of a very successful session. Best of Luck, Josh!