Creating an Integrated Campaign

Blog Entry 3.6 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

We had the privilege of working on a very important educational campaign this year for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) to bring awareness about human trafficking. We started by developing a logo and brand identity for the campaign.

LIRS has done a terrific job of incorporating the campaign into a variety of mediums and materials throughout the year to build awareness about the growing travesty of human trafficking. From the logo design, web banners, educational materials, moving video testimonial, and an interactive e-learning tool, Freedom House was able to effectively incorporate the campaign into a variety of mediums.

Check out the sampling of our work – especially the moving testimonial from a young woman that escaped the horrors of trafficking and the interactive e-learning presentation. We were shocked to learn that human trafficking is a $32 billion/year criminal industry – it is more far reaching than most realize.