Create once, publish everywhere

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Companies are beginning to use video more effectively taking advantage of various distribution methods. The idea of creating or producing a video once and then distributing it online, for broadcast or on a DVD maximizes the opportunity for the video to be seen and for target markets to be reached. Businesses are able to post their corporate video on their website or use it as a promotional DVD to send to potential clients. Companies can now include an interview with their CEO in their monthly newsletter or blast video updates to customers via email. The possibility to provide rich content to your target markets has never been easier.

In addition, corporations have the ability to use footage that may not of made it in the original video, but re-purpose it in other areas. For example, we just produced a video for Total Community Options – a Denver based company that focuses on senior citizens staying in their homes as opposed to putting them into nursing homes. Our original video was just over seven minutes long. Well, we shot over four hours of footage. A lot of material did not make it in their original video, but we are now re-purposing it online.

Companies need to be asking their production companies about the strategies they utilize to maximize a videos potential. A savvy video producer will not only be able to produce the video, but provide direction in how that video is utilized.

We are living in a world where video production has changed dramatically over the past 15 years. If companies are willing to invest thousands into the technology, they should make sure they get their money’s worth.