Kickstarter Success! I Will Dance Meets Its Goal

This past weekend, Freedom House Productions was proud to celebrate a successful Kickstarter Campaign with our very own, Joseph East. Joe has a passion for telling stories that matter and has embarked upon a journey to tell the story of the incredible young people of Random Acts of Theatre.

FHP had the privilege of helping Joe on the marketing side of the campaign and it was a full court press the past 30 days. Check out some of the materials for the campaign:



IWD materials

Our social media team was hard at work blitzing all the social networks we could – between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and submitting information to every blog we could find the team basically lived online for the duration of the campaign.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the development and distribution of I WILL DANCE: The Documentary which is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2014.

GoPro Hero 3 Time Lapse

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Cameras are making it easier to produce compelling time lapse photography. We use the GoPro Hero 3 to generate our time lapse shots, and we have been blown away at the quality and ease of use the GoPro provides.

First, you need to get the settings right. For the time lapse example above, we set the camera to shoot a still frame every 30 seconds. The Hero 3 makes it easy to set your interval and gives you a number of options in the menu settings. You also want to make sure to set the size of your images. We set ours at 7 megapixels. You can go bigger, but it takes more space on your card and most of the time is not necessary. Set the camera to record and let it go (extended battery pack recommended otherwise the battery life will be limited).

Once you are satisfied that you have enough footage, take the GoPro and import your shots. Since we use Final Cut X, we created an event and imported all of the photos off the card. At this point, you can take out any of the shots you don’t want included in the time lapse. We ended up using over 220 images for this particular time lapse. Then, “select all” of the images in the event and drag them to the timeline. Final Cut automatically places them in the order they are shot. Next, you need to create a compound clip. This creates one giant clip with which to work. Re-time the clip, and you are done (we sped up this footage over 12,000%).

You end up with a great looking shot that can provide unique, visual interest for the story you are telling.

Video Production: Thinking Outside the Box

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How do you produce a video when you have little footage to work with, a limited budget and you can’t reveal the identity of the central character?  It’s not easy, but that’s the challenge we were facing when we put together “Maya’s Story.”

Our client, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, approached us to make a video to help raise awareness about Human Trafficking. Each year thousands of men, women and children are trafficked illegally into the United States. Few Americans are aware of the issue.

LIRS wanted us to create the video based on the true story of a 12-year girl from Honduras. Our client had one request – because of the sensitivity of the subject matter – we would need to change her name and absolutely no faces would be able to be used in the video.

Obviously, not being able to show faces is difficult, but we also had a limited budget which meant there would be no funds for location shoots.

We were forced to think outside of the box.

Our initial idea was to use stock photography. But we were not thrilled with the video having a static feel (apologies to Ken Burns). We wanted some movement to give a sense that the story was about an actual person.

That’s when we decided to use the green screen. By creating virtual environments, we were able to have someone play the part of Maya, while still creating beautiful backgrounds that represented the various locations.

As you can see from the picture below, we were able to accomplish all of that and we didn’t have to leave the comfort of our studio.


We also got online and searched for stock video. We were able to track down a number of shots that were effective – specifically of the border – that still kept us under budget and provided much needed footage.  Finally, we headed out locally to collect abstract shots of things like railroad tracks or kids playing on a playground that could be incorporated into the video.

It definitely was not a conventional video to put together, but by thinking outside the box we were able to create an effective piece for our client.


Creating an Integrated Campaign

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We had the privilege of working on a very important educational campaign this year for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) to bring awareness about human trafficking. We started by developing a logo and brand identity for the campaign.

LIRS has done a terrific job of incorporating the campaign into a variety of mediums and materials throughout the year to build awareness about the growing travesty of human trafficking. From the logo design, web banners, educational materials, moving video testimonial, and an interactive e-learning tool, Freedom House was able to effectively incorporate the campaign into a variety of mediums.

Check out the sampling of our work – especially the moving testimonial from a young woman that escaped the horrors of trafficking and the interactive e-learning presentation. We were shocked to learn that human trafficking is a $32 billion/year criminal industry – it is more far reaching than most realize.

Human Trafficking Video

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We had the opportunity to produce a video raising awareness for Human Trafficking. Each day men, woman and children are being forced into modern day slavery in this country. The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is working to eliminate this problem.

The video highlights a  young woman named Evelyn who was forced into domestic labor. She is one of the few victims who will tell her story.

Colorado Children’s Campaign

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We had a great time producing this spot for Colorado Children’s Campaign – an organization that focuses on providing hope and opportunity to kids in Colorado. Over the course of three different shoots, we sat down with 25 different kids and asked them what question they would like to ask the presidential candidates. Some were fun. Some were poignant. All were important.


Step Seven Ministries

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It is always great to get repeat business, and this month we had the opportunity to work on our second video project for Step Seven Ministries. Step Seven is a faith based solution for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.


Love Letters from Kansas

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We just finished production on this public service announcement. The spot is focused on rebuilding relationships through better communication. We created a virtual environment using motion graphics to help tell the story.



Judi’s House

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Judi’s House is a wonderful organization started by former Broncos quarterback Brian Griese. They help grieving children deal with the loss of a sibling or parent. We produced this video for them to use at their fundraising dinner, and to utilize on their website. It is a powerful testimony to the kind of work they do and the difference it makes in children’s lives.  If you would like to learn more about Judi’s House and their services click here.

Sales Trainer Video

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We recently completed a project for the Jason Forrest Group. Jason is one of the preeminent sales trainers in the country, and we produced this video to highlight his sales training service and his event speaking offerings. Our focus was to enhance the material by using several post-production techniques.