Colorado Children’s Campaign

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We had a great time producing this spot for Colorado Children’s Campaign – an organization that focuses on providing hope and opportunity to kids in Colorado. Over the course of three different shoots, we sat down with 25 different kids and asked them what question they would like to ask the presidential candidates. Some were fun. Some were poignant. All were important.


Step Seven Ministries

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It is always great to get repeat business, and this month we had the opportunity to work on our second video project for Step Seven Ministries. Step Seven is a faith based solution for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.


Love Letters from Kansas

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We just finished production on this public service announcement. The spot is focused on rebuilding relationships through better communication. We created a virtual environment using motion graphics to help tell the story.



Judi’s House

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Judi’s House is a wonderful organization started by former Broncos quarterback Brian Griese. They help grieving children deal with the loss of a sibling or parent. We produced this video for them to use at their fundraising dinner, and to utilize on their website. It is a powerful testimony to the kind of work they do and the difference it makes in children’s lives.  If you would like to learn more about Judi’s House and their services click here.

Sales Trainer Video

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We recently completed a project for the Jason Forrest Group. Jason is one of the preeminent sales trainers in the country, and we produced this video to highlight his sales training service and his event speaking offerings. Our focus was to enhance the material by using several post-production techniques.

Heartlight Center

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In January of 2012, we had the pleasure to work with Heartlight Center. They are a non-profit that supports people who are grieving after the loss of a loved one . Obviously, this is something all of us will encounter in our lifetime making their program relevant to all of us. This is also the first shoot where we used our portable jib. You will notice subtle shots used throughout the video.

Promotional Video

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My good friend Adam Schrager asked us to produce a short trailer for his book “The Principled Politician.” Adam was interested in using the trailer to promote the book, and to provide a short synopsis of the story for those of us to lazy to read the back cover. It was a creative and unique marketing strategy for the book industry at the time.

Central Bancorp

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We produced this video for Central Bancorp – a Colorado Springs based company – a couple of years ago. The majority of the production was spent on the first minute of the video. At the time, the company had five main services and the challenge was to communicate that without confusing the audience. We layered the company’s mission statement with the various logos of the services to create the look of the open, and then we inserted soundbites from the executives to effectively relay the organization’s core beliefs.

Alzheimer’s Video 2012

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We were fortunate to work with the Alzheimer’s Association again in 2012. We produced two videos for them in previous years, but this one was our best video yet. We opened the piece by hearing from the people who are directly impacted by the disease – the patients and their caregivers. It is incredible to listen to their stories and to see the courage and compassion in which they walk through this difficult time in their lives.

Metro State Commercials

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Be on the lookout for new Metro State commercials. Working closely with the college, we produced the spots that are currently running on 9News, CBS4, PBS and Spanish television. Each commercial features an alumnus and their impact they have had on our community since graduating from Metro.