FHP Expands Into Georgia

Freedom House Productions has expanded into Georgia opening an office in Peachtree City . We are excited to offer our full suite of services to companies in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Our National Sales Director, Tom Morris, is based out of Peachtree City and has already established relationships with established organizations like Kawneer, Freedom Allergy and the Cowetta Arts Center.

If you have any graphics design, video or website development needs, please contact Tom.

Marketing Meets Motion Graphics

Utilizing motion graphics is a great way to market your business. Telling your story or walking a potential client through a step-by-step process without shooting a frame of video is proving to be a fun, effective avenue for companies who are looking to do something different.

We recently produced this video for a Colorado startup called Green Piranhas. We don’t need to explain much because the video says it all.



Typography Tips for Designers


If you ever run into a question about typography—especially if you’re working on body copy— Butterick’s Practical Typography  is a great resource. Reading just a few sections will teach you – or refresh you on – typography rules that are often misused. No matter how loose and fun, or clean and corporate a piece is, using good typography will help give it a high-quality and professional feel.

Here are five simple and important tips:

1. Never use straight quotes—only curly.

2. Use only one space between sentences. Not two, like that.

3. Hyphens and dashes: know when to use which.

4. Widows and orphans: don’t leave ‘em hanging.

5. Bad fonts: make sure your favorite fonts aren’t on this list.

Find many more helpful rules here.

Matthew Butterick’s web-based book is made possible by its viewers’ contributions. You can support the book here:

UNC E-Challenge Brings Shark Tank Feel to Colorado

Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on television right now. Maybe it’s because I run my own business, but I have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs who believe in their idea enough to step out and pitch it in front of a national television audience. So when KUSA-TV in Denver approached me about teaming up to produce a show based loosely on the concept of Shark Tank, I jumped at the opportunity.

For the past five years, The University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort School of Business hosts their Entrepreneurial Challenge (E-Challenge). The idea is for entrepreneurs from all over the state to pitch their business ideas in the hopes of winning $50,000 in prize money. In the past, the challenge has taken place on campus, but this year the University thought it would be fun to work with title sponsor KUSA to put the presentations on TV.

More than 30 companies submitted proposals. The University sorted through the business plans and whittled it down to the five best. The companies then had the opportunity to introduce and pitch their ideas on television to the three judges who would pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

We taped in KUSA’s Studio B on a Tuesday afternoon and the show ran on a Saturday evening.  The turn around was tight, but the show turned out great. We won’t tell you who won, but if you’re interested in seeing the next great business ideas in the state of Colorado you can watch the entire show on the Monfort School of Business website



Power of Infographics

The way people take in information is changing more than ever—we live in an age where we want information quickly, and if it has a chance of keeping our attention, it has to be stimulating.

Infographics are a powerful way to take complex data and information and display it to grab your attention and make it memorable. The simplified information is visual, easy to read and easy to understand. It’s quick and engaging.

Infographics are effective on the web or in print, and can be used across all social media platforms.

At Freedom House Productions we use a range of mediums to get our clients’ message across in the most effective ways possible. One powerful tool is infographics.


Tap Into the Power of eLearning

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.01.32 PM

eLearning continues to gain traction in the world of digital media. Corporations, non-profits and learning institutions  are starting to tap into the power of interactive multimedia presentations. We recently finished a set of training modules for Higher—a non-profit organization that helps refugees prepare for and find employment in the United States. Click the links below to see the modules.

Workplace Culture Part 1

Workplace Culture Part 2

We used the program Adobe Captivate to build the module, while using Photoshop and Illustrator to create the design elements.

Captivate is a highly versatile program. Here are just a few of the things it can be used for:

  • Self-guided training modules including quizzes, voiceovers, interactive activities, videos, in-course web browsing, ability to engage learners through social media, and more
  • Software simulation
  • eBooks
  • Video demos
  • Mobile learning
  • HTML Characters
  • Interactive games and quizzes

Maximizing technology to create engaging eLearning modules has several advantages. It reduces costs for organizations who are looking to streamline their workforce training methods. It produces better results with participants having increased levels of retention and understanding of the subject matter. eLearning modules also allows organizations the ability to maintain a consistent message.

Human Trafficking Video

Blog Entry 3.5 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

We had the opportunity to produce a video raising awareness for Human Trafficking. Each day men, woman and children are being forced into modern day slavery in this country. The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is working to eliminate this problem.

The video highlights a  young woman named Evelyn who was forced into domestic labor. She is one of the few victims who will tell her story.

Create once, publish everywhere

Blog Entry 1.4 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

Companies are beginning to use video more effectively taking advantage of various distribution methods. The idea of creating or producing a video once and then distributing it online, for broadcast or on a DVD maximizes the opportunity for the video to be seen and for target markets to be reached. Businesses are able to post their corporate video on their website or use it as a promotional DVD to send to potential clients. Companies can now include an interview with their CEO in their monthly newsletter or blast video updates to customers via email. The possibility to provide rich content to your target markets has never been easier.

In addition, corporations have the ability to use footage that may not of made it in the original video, but re-purpose it in other areas. For example, we just produced a video for Total Community Options – a Denver based company that focuses on senior citizens staying in their homes as opposed to putting them into nursing homes. Our original video was just over seven minutes long. Well, we shot over four hours of footage. A lot of material did not make it in their original video, but we are now re-purposing it online.

Companies need to be asking their production companies about the strategies they utilize to maximize a videos potential. A savvy video producer will not only be able to produce the video, but provide direction in how that video is utilized.

We are living in a world where video production has changed dramatically over the past 15 years. If companies are willing to invest thousands into the technology, they should make sure they get their money’s worth. http://www.earlyconnections.org

Welcome to our new website

Blog Entry 1.0 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

Welcome to Freedom House Productions version 3.0. We’re excited to share our new website with you. Over the past few months we’ve been working on designing and developing a site that looks great and communicates our message effectively. We think we’ve done it quite well, but we realize we’re not completely objective either.

Without question, we spent the most time on the home page. It’s our chance to make a great first impression. Our staff spent a lot of time discussing and debating how we wanted it to lay out and the functionality we wanted to include. The rotating window near the top of the page was a key for us. It fades through our services one by one. Also, it was important for us to bring some of the old in with some of the new. One of the unique aspects of our old site was the shape. That shape has played a significant role in our branding efforts and we wanted to implement it on the new site (see image below). We were able to accomplish that with the rotating slides. Here’s some inside information – the rotating slides are clickable. If you click on one, you’ll be directed to the respective gallery.

freedomhouseproductions.com 2007-2010


Just as important as the home page to us were the galleries. The bottom line is when you make pretty things people like to look at them – and over the years we have a produced a lot of pretty things. Effective too! We’ve worked with a variety of clients from different industries and the diversity of our work reflects that. Please be sure to visit those pages if you have the time. It’s fun to flip through the work.

Anyway, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this site a reality. We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to working with you in the future