Website Project: The Heavenly Dessert Company

We just got done with a complete redesign of The Heavenly Dessert Company’s website. Our focus with the site was to incorporate and preserve existing brand elements, while still pushing the digital brand forward.

Visit the site to see how the new storefront, dessert truck and website all work together to effectively market the company.




Marketing Meets Motion Graphics

Utilizing motion graphics is a great way to market your business. Telling your story or walking a potential client through a step-by-step process without shooting a frame of video is proving to be a fun, effective avenue for companies who are looking to do something different.

We recently produced this video for a Colorado startup called Green Piranhas. We don’t need to explain much because the video says it all.



Every Letter Counts

At Freedom House Productions, we love digging into the details. We believe that a project starts with the idea and ends with the craft. Which is why we spend so much time and care with each photograph, each color choice, each line of code, and especially as of late, with each word and letter.

Yes, we’re proud to call ourselves ‘type nerds’ — obsessing over every font choice in a website or brochure design. We use typefaces as one more exciting tool in the design kit to express the unique personality of a brand or company. We found this video about hand-lettering to be fun and inspiring—and also in line with our passion here at the studio for beautiful design and how to make every detail count.

The Creative Spark: Title Case, Typographic Artisans from on Vimeo.

Designed to Do Good

At FHP, we love what we do and we love working with other companies that have the same passion and dedication. The team at Prosperity Candle have given their hearts and talents to make the world a better place for women.

This holiday season we partnered with Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service and Prosperity Candle on a special project.

In 2014, LIRS will be celebrating 75 years in service (we also created a special 75th logo for the occasion) and they wanted a commemorative candle to light the way.

Prosperity Candle was the perfect match. This company employs refugee woman and gives them an opportunity to earn a living wage to help support their families. What a perfect partnership for LIRS.

We created a lid and label design for their travel tin, refugee woman made the candles and then beautifully packaged them in a gift box including their personal story of overcoming.

We loved creating this 75th anniversary candle design, and are now working on three more designs that feature refugee woman that LIRS has helped resettle in the United States.

FHP_Blog 2

FHP_Blog 1

FHP Blog 3


Kickstarter Success! I Will Dance Meets Its Goal

This past weekend, Freedom House Productions was proud to celebrate a successful Kickstarter Campaign with our very own, Joseph East. Joe has a passion for telling stories that matter and has embarked upon a journey to tell the story of the incredible young people of Random Acts of Theatre.

FHP had the privilege of helping Joe on the marketing side of the campaign and it was a full court press the past 30 days. Check out some of the materials for the campaign:



IWD materials

Our social media team was hard at work blitzing all the social networks we could – between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and submitting information to every blog we could find the team basically lived online for the duration of the campaign.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the development and distribution of I WILL DANCE: The Documentary which is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2014.

Developing a Brand

Blog Entry 3.7 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

We recently had the fun of getting to know Josh Bragg in order to develop a brand for this up and coming bass pro. It was important to Josh that we capture the essence of his personality and to communicate that throughout his brand and materials.

After spending some time with Josh on the lake, meeting his wife and kids and getting down to the core of who he is, we were able to develop a brand that perfectly represents him and helps him stand out from the competition. From his logo that incorporates a fishing hook into his signature, to the incredible photography that captures his charming personality, to the warm colors and rich textures, this brand just feels warm, at home, down to earth, vibrant and full of life. Josh even picked out a song to complete his feel: “Fisherman” by Casey Ashley.

Creating his corporate identification package was a blast! His stationary, business cards, postcards and website are the foundation of a strong brand, and hopefully just the beginning of a very successful session. Best of Luck, Josh!



Creating an Integrated Campaign

Blog Entry 3.6 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

We had the privilege of working on a very important educational campaign this year for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) to bring awareness about human trafficking. We started by developing a logo and brand identity for the campaign.

LIRS has done a terrific job of incorporating the campaign into a variety of mediums and materials throughout the year to build awareness about the growing travesty of human trafficking. From the logo design, web banners, educational materials, moving video testimonial, and an interactive e-learning tool, Freedom House was able to effectively incorporate the campaign into a variety of mediums.

Check out the sampling of our work – especially the moving testimonial from a young woman that escaped the horrors of trafficking and the interactive e-learning presentation. We were shocked to learn that human trafficking is a $32 billion/year criminal industry – it is more far reaching than most realize.

Updating a Brand: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

Blog Entry 3.3 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is one of the leading organizations in helping provide services for immigrants and refugees resettling in the United States. LIRS has a long history of outreach and advocacy to help newcomers find safety and hope in our communities. This past year the organization was looking to “freshen up” their brand. They wanted to stay true to established brand colors, fonts, and guidelines, but wanted to bring a new warmth and life to their materials.

Working on the LIRS account has been fun for our team! We love hearing the stories of lives being restored, and have enjoyed stretching our creative wings to find compassionate, engaging and new ways to tell the compelling stories of immigrants and refugees and the work of LIRS.

One of the biggest successes of 2012 has been the annual report! Feedback has been remarkable, and many commented on how it read like a storybook, more than an annual report. One supporter even told the staff how she took the piece home and read it to her family around the dinner table! Read the full annual report online.

Here are some samples of LIRS’s materials before:


LIRS Old Materials


And here are some of the updated materials:

LIRS New Materials

And here is the new LIRS website:

LIRS New Website



Colorado Children’s Campaign

Blog Entry 3.2 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

We had a great time producing this spot for Colorado Children’s Campaign – an organization that focuses on providing hope and opportunity to kids in Colorado. Over the course of three different shoots, we sat down with 25 different kids and asked them what question they would like to ask the presidential candidates. Some were fun. Some were poignant. All were important.


Logo Development

Blog Entry 1.5 [ print | web | video | illustration ]

A company’s logo is the anchor of their branding effort. All corporate identification packages and branding efforts begin and end with the development of a well-designed and impactful logo. Well thought out logos will help define a business and establish its personality. It is definitely not something a company should leave to chance.

Professional design firms have the ability to take a firm’s vision and translate it into a graphical representation of the company. High-quality logo design captures the spirit of the business by using color, shape and other design techniques to tell a company’s story.

Our latest logo design is for Paige Gradishar Photography. The client wanted her name included in the logo, and she wanted a clean design that was simple and sophisticated. We believe our use of font and color accomplishes that goal.