Affordable Website Development

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Small to mid-size companies can feel significantly disadvantaged when it comes to website design/development. They understand they need to invest in their online presence, but unlike larger companies, don’t have significant resources to put towards their websites.

As a result, we have come up with a solution that provides our clients with a high-end, custom designed site that will not mortgage their companies future.

One of my favorite examples – actually one of my favorite client’s too – is Early Connections Learning Centers. Last year they underwent a major re-branding effort. New name, new logo, and new website. They needed a website that represented their new look, while giving them the flexibility to add/subtract pages or content as needed.

We custom designed the site, but utilized the WordPress publishing platform. Now, they are able to update the content on the site without having to call a web developer. With 60-plus pages to update or maintain on a daily basis this feature allows a more fluid workflow for Early Connections. A simple text edit that might take a developer two days to complete can be done in a manner of minutes right from their desktop.

The other significant benefit to utilizing a system like WordPress is the cost efficiency. WordPress developers have handled most of the heavy lifting. As a result, the cost to the client ends up being the custom design and the implementation of the design into the site. That is a much more cost effective system than starting a site from scratch.

For many small to mid-size companies, our system levels the playing field. Organizations that ordinarily would not be able to afford a website that would allow them to compete in this arena, are now able to offer up web services that rival their competition.