5 Graphic Design Tips You Can Learn From Painting: Tip #4 – Observe Everything

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Fine artists are taught to observe everything. Graphic designers should too.

Painters become students of their craft and subjects. They draw from life. They look at it carefully. They study pictures in books. They draw and paint those pictures. Then they draw some more from life. They go to museums and look at other peopleʼs art. They draw and study it. You get the picture:) …

Being a successful and innovative designer means you are committed to being a lifelong student. You must observe everything. Yes, award-winning design is good to look at. But donʼt stop there. Look at great photography. Look at art. Watch movies and listen to music. Take hikes and look at nature. Even within the areas of print and web, for example, look at work that is completely different than what you might be currently working on. All of this observation will inspire your work in truly original ways. It keeps you fresh and excited as a designer, open to new possibilities, and striving toward improvement.